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At Daisy Molly and Me I believe that each couple's vision for their wedding is unique and therefore your wedding cake should also reflect your personal and distinctive style.

Every wedding cake receives my full attention from the initial hand drawn sketch through to your completed dream cake – a stunning centrepiece at your reception.

The price guide below shows the average prices for a decorated wedding cake.  There are many variables which can affect the price so a more elaborate design with complex sugar flower arrangements and intricate decorative details will determine the final cost.

All of my wedding cakes are covered with a thin layer of dark or white chocolate ganache before covering with fondant in order to achieve a flawless finish and sharp, clean edges.

A ‘standard’ wedding cake tier is 5” deep.  However, I love to use different depth tiers to create more visual interest and impact.  A typical serving of cake is a 1” x 1” finger portion.

2 Tier (5”/7”) approx. 50 portions                                            £325 – £500+

3 Tier small (4”/6”/8”) approx. 80 portions                              £375 – £600+

3 Tier (6”/8”/10”) approx. 120 portions                                   £495 – £700+

4 Tier small (4”/6”/8”/10″) approx. 140 portions                     £600 – £900+

4 Tier large (6”/8”/10″/12”) approx. 180 portions                   £700 – £1000+

5 Tier (6”/8”/10″/12”/14”) approx. 300 portions                     £800 – £1200+


A variety of edible delights for your dessert table are also available including cupcakes, decorated cookies, macarons, marshmallows and meringue kisses.

Sue was brilliant from the start

We had an initial consultation where we discussed various designs and had a taste of her delicious flavours. The finished cake was perfect and a delight to see on our wedding day. Everybody commented on it and certainly enjoyed eating it, as did we. Thanks again, Sue.

Claire and Matt

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